Goedegebuur wins 31st edition Rotterdam Entrepreneur Award

During the festive award ceremony in the Rotterdam World Trade Centre on Monday 23rd of November Goedegebuur Vlees Rotterdam was announced as winner of the 2015 Rotterdam Entrepreneur Award. Entrepreneur Michiel Goedegebuur received the prestigious award from Maarten Struijvenberg, alderman of labor and economy of the city of Rotterdam. Goedegebuur won over two other nominated companies ShoreTension and Viscon Group.

Jury impressed
Chairwoman of the jury Mai Elmar on behalf of the entire jury: "Michiel Goedegebuur has used his education and work experience at other companies to invest in his company. He has taken risks, realized innovations and set out the right path for the company in order to be fully prepared in a difficult and highly competitive market. The changes and decisions of recent years are a token of good management and good entrepreneurship. The company uses a high level of automation to manage costs in order to stay ahead of the competition. Automation is not undermined at Goedegebuur; it is used to value and motivate employees and expand on proven talent. A strong asset of Goedegebuur is the diversity of employees. Strategic changes made in purchasing of raw materials and entering new international markets have led to an unchanged and strong performance of the company’s activities despite a shrinking European market."

Entrepreneur Michiel Goedegebuur received the award. "I feel happy en proud on behalf of the entire company! The new generation continuous the company Goedegebuur, we add our own twist and apply our own new accents with the Rotterdam Entrepreneur Award as a consequence. That feels great! At the same time we think of my grandfather and father who worked very hard to build this company. This price is also for them."

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