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1922 - Start of the butcher's shop in Melissant-South Holland by Cornelis Goedegebuur
1926 - Permit for slaughterhouse on the main street in Melissant
1942 - Koos Goedegebuur - son of Cornelis - finished his training as a skilled Butcher in Rotterdam
1950 - Start of the first large-scale slaughter activities at the municipal slaughterhouse in Rotterdam Crooswijk. Start of the creation of an industrial company.
1977 - Put into use the Naaldwijk slaughterhouse
1994 - With 135,000 cattle the largest number off cattle slaughtered in the Netherlands
1995 - Remediation of slaughter hooks, new course as a specialized deboning company in the European market
1998 - HACCP Certification
2001 - Large-scale renovation of the cutting and packaging department
2005 - Takeover Icekoot B.V. cold store, start own import of South American beef
2006 - Acquisition of business premises Slagro B.V.
2007 - As the 1st meat company in the Netherlands successfully ISO 22000 certified
2011 - Opening of new automated logistics department
2011 - Commissioning of advanced cutting line
2013 - Completion of new company canteens + hygiene lock built according to the highest quality standard
2013 - Commissioning of new internal cold store + personnel offices according to the latest quality standard
2013 - Certification FSC 22,000
2014 - Family Day Goedegebuur; an Open Day for employees and family. With an attendance of more than 200 people, the day was a great success
2015 - More and more exports to Asia
2016 - First sale to Canada/Launch Retail Brand Cuisson at the Sial Bourse in Paris
2017 - Further conversion of PAD department with new advanced cutting line
2018 - Expansion Heat Recovery Installation
2019 - From now on, the 'own transport' will be carried out in collaboration with Sluyter Logistics Rotterdam. Thanks to this collaboration, we can continue to use the advantages of our own transport, so that our Goedegebuur trailers are still in use.
2020 - We are proud to launch our new webshop! Goedegebuur now also offers private consumers the opportunity to purchase restaurant-quality meat directly at an attractive consumer price! Go to to take a look.
2022 - Goedegebuur 100 years in the meat industry, celebration of 100 Goedegebuur since the start in 1922 with the butcher's shop in Melissant.