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Within Goedegebuur, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays an important role because we as an organization are part of society and want to give something back in our business operations. We not only want to deliver consistently high quality to our customers, but also take our responsibility. We use ISO 26000 as a guideline for defining our CSR policy. This practical application of the 3Ps (People, Planet, Profit) is linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.

Below is an overview of objectives that have already been achieved.


Unicef Continuation of our many years of partnership in which we organize various actions internally with employees to raise funds for UNICEF Netherlands and have contributed to very specific collaborative projects such as the nutrition program in Guatemala or the malnutrition program in Mozambique and Benin. With this partnership we ensure that we can contribute to the fight against hunger and malnutrition in current and future projects.

Goedegebuur Academy We continuously manage personal developments through the Academy in the form of internal training courses and knowledge sessions. In this process, knowledge is shared / transferred internally or through an external expert who is engaged for this purpose. Taking external training to develop yourself is also part of our Academy. In addition, everyone always has access to our Academy library.

Diversity Goedegebuur Personnel Our open approach in our recruitment and selection makes us proud of the composition of our workforce, where the ratio of men to women has become increasingly better distributed in recent years (11% women in 2013 vs. 20% now). We are enriched by having no less than 37 nationalities. There is also a nice mix of all ages.


Investment in cooling By replacing and modernizing our cooling installation, we have been able to save 12% on our total gas consumption - partly because we have been able to heat up even more water for cleaning purposes with the residual heat from the cooling.

Replacement of LED lighting
40% of the existing lighting has already been replaced by more energy-efficient LED lighting. The aim is to eventually switch 100% to LED lighting.

Cleaning process
Together with our partner in cleaning, we tested and found suitable a new cleaning agent that allowed us to eliminate 2 steps in our daily process - with equivalent results on our quality measurements. With this we have achieved water saving of 9%


Employment We offer work to about 250 employees in the Rotterdam region. While many factories have been relocated to low-wage countries in recent decades, we are proud of the fact that we have been working in the region for 70 years. This has also been an important factor in the jury's assessment of the Rotterdam entrepreneurial prize; the prize which we received in 2015.