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Corporate Social Responsibility

Within Goedegebuur, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) plays an important role because we as an organization are part of society and want to give something back in our business operations. We not only want to deliver consistently high quality to our customers, but also take our responsibility. By means of a self-declaration via NEN, we want to demonstrate that we apply the principles and guidelines in ISO 26000 - the international guideline for CSR. Read more about this via the link below or go to the NEN publication platform. This practical application of the 3Ps (People, Planet, Profit) is linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations.


Best employer

In 2025 we want to show that we score well in the field of good employment practices and/or have shown a clear improvement in this by means of an internal set of measuring instruments and/or by participating externally in a measurement. This is further given concrete form in the STIP group “Best employer”. Examples of topics include a safe workplace, employee involvement, development opportunities and leadership.


Contribution to local social project

We want to enter into a partnership with a residential care location for elderly people with dementia. Where we want to make our employees available for support activities. Every month 2 employees will contribute one day to 'a life as you are used to'; the motto of the foundation.



Dual purpose

We want to bring our sustainable dual purpose meat to the attention of our customers. Meat from dual-purpose cows has significantly lower CO2 emissions than meat from pure meat breeds. The name says it all, a dual purpose cow is a cow that is used for both milk and meat. Only when the cow no longer gives milk is this cow used for meat.


Further energy savings

These will be realized on the basis of the EED standard to be drawn up; a systematic, four-yearly approach to collect information about an organisation's current energy consumption and savings potential. The aim is to achieve at least 5% more energy savings per year. In addition, we will also look at solar panels and the possibility to work more with renewable energy.


The following actions, among others, are part of the energy savings.

Sustainable packaging

Research and testing of sustainable packaging


CO2 compensation plan

We will compensate all trips through a CO2 compensation plan. Within these programmes, for example, trees are again planted as a counterpart for CO2 production.



Sustainable meat processor

An important part of Goedegebuur is “progressive towards 2025”. Carry on in a responsible manner with what we do. Proactively co-develop with changes in society and thus achieve continuity for all stakeholders.


Within Goedegebuur 7 points have been put on the horizon with which the company is moving forward towards 2025.

Other subjects

that will be further develop within Goedegebuur are for example, reducing CO2 emissions, energy consumption, water consumption and (production) waste.


Below is a brief overview of a number of concrete targets that we have set for the coming period.

Goals 2022