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Which each delivery the hindquarters are being grouped on the basis of uniform origin details. Upon arrival the batches are weighed in separately, provided with a unique number and all the details of the hindquarter are being linked to this unique number on behalf of the production. The batches are being stored separately by means of a special rail-system, so they can be called upon when needed in production.
During the production chain the end product will obtain the following information:

These details are also put on the label of the crate or box by means of scanning the piece label and with that, linked to a unique box/crate number. These unique numbers are subsequently scanned before going on transport.
This way we can keep track of which batch numbers go to which destinations. On the basis of the batch number the complete track of the product can be traced back and for each article and piece the actual status or final destination can be seen. This way a recall can be executed very fast if necessary. On the basis of the product packaging we can also trace very fast which supplier delivered a certain batch on a particular day.


Goedegebuur has developed an internal control structure that not only complies with the legal demands, but goes far beyond that. Partly this comes forth from the systematic approach that is demanded through the chosen FSC 22.000 certification.
Also Goedegebuur has set their own standards for this. Next to the extensive internal control, Goedegebuur obviously has to do with external controls. Here below these will be specified more clearly.

Entry control

Goedegebuur is known in the industry as a party that pre-eminently works with long-term suppliers. Most of the suppliers have been bound to Goedegebuur for many years through a partnership and deliver a constant supply of high quality to us 52 weeks a year.
Upon possibly entering a new purchase relation Goedegebuur trusts on one side on the legal demands that are put in place by the EU on slaughterhouses and the controls that are done by the legal authorities. Besides that Goedegebuur has put extra demands into place in order to ensure that a slaughterhouse also meets the far-stretching demands set by Goedegebuur.



Through several preventative tests on several levels Goedegebuur strives to perfection in her production hygiene.

In 2013 Goedegebuur invested in a hypermodern hygiene lock. Through a fixed route of automated soap dispensers, water-rinsers and Dyson hand dryers (anti bacteria) the risk of personal contamination is being minimalised.

These next measures are taken every block of 2 hours production time:

Entry control

Control on the final product

By means of the abovementioned total production control in the packaging department each carton or crate including its contents are checked for:

The aforementioned criteria that are being used for laboratory tests are also used weekly on the final product. This way Goedegebuur can judge if her procedures in the area of food safety keep functioning well.
Goedegebuur wants to shield her clients at all times for any kind of (quality) problem with any of her products. The aforementioned internal procedures make sure that Goedegebuur meets her goal in this area. Also, Goedegebuur finds it positive that it delivers products to several acknowledged, professional business partners. Amongst others there are retail organisations, cash&carry concerns, restaurant chains and manufacturers of sliced meat products. Professional organisations who check more intensive and more frequently for quality marks in order to ensure food safety. Goedegebuur will not and cannot permit itself in any way not to make good on her promise of high quality.


Production rooms and machinery are cleaned daily by a cleaning team which is specialised for this job. The team is under own control. Each day the cleaning team uses 1 full shift (8 hours) in order to produce an immaculate production room. Before the start of production a bacteriological and visual inspection takes place to control the cleaning, so deviations can be corrected immediately if necessary. With these means Goedegebuur can control and confirm the zero-tolerance approach in the area of cleaning and hygiene.To supply