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Goedegebuur only processes beef from hindquarters of female cattle.

This beef is raised and fed in a natural way and after declining milk production is destined for meat production. Weekly we process around 750 tons of beef . We work with specially selected suppliers, of which the largest part are sourced in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria. Goedegebuur has long-term partnerships with all her suppliers in order to be able to guarantee quality and continuity to a maximum.

Goedegebuur specialises in deboning, cutting and consistently categorising beef. In the area of hindquarters, Goedegebuur possesses one of the biggest cutting plants in Europe and has a broad assortment, divided into 3 segments: beef, biological beef and veal. Distribution takes place from Rotterdam on a daily bases to several countries in the European Union, from Finland to Portugal. Since 2012 Goedegebuur is also certified for the export trade to Russia.

Our products find their way to the catering trade, restaurant chains, sliced meat industry and retail. Beside our standard programme, we can supply tailored cuts and packaging to meet the needs of the individual. Thanks to our production capacity and flexibility we can anticipate on every demand from the market. Each article can be produced the same day with the desired label. Through this, we offer flexibility to be able to meet each individual demand, but at the same time the possibility to supply in large and consistent quantities.



1950 Founding of the company in the municipal slaughterhouse in Rotterdam 1977 Inauguration of the slaughterhouse in Naaldwijk 1987 Inauguration of the new slaughterhouse on the site of the Rotterdam Groothandelsmarkt
1994 Highest number of beef killings (135.000) in the Netherlands
1995 Decrease of beef killings, new direction of specialising in deboning for the European market
1998 Certified with HACCP
2001 Grand remodelling of the cutting plant and packaging department
2005 Taking over of coldstore Icekoot B.V. Started own import of South-American beef
2006 Taking over of the company warehouse Slagro B.V.
2007 1st meat company in the Netherlands to be successfully certified with ISO 22000
2011 Inauguration of the new automated logistics department
2011 Taking into use the new and advanced cutting line
2013 Inauguration of the new company cafeterias + hygiene lock of the highest quality standards
2013 Inauguration of the new internal coldstore + staff offices to the latest standards
2013 Certified with FSC 22.000
2013 The new and improved management team prepares Goedegebuur for the future; Wim Goedegebuur transfers part of the shares to a new generation.

Goedegebuur processes 750 tons of beef every week. More than 220 people are employed in different departments. The company is managed by Michiel Goedegebuur.