Streamlined Processing

makes beef better

Streamlined Processing makes beef better

We can guarantee the best quality and greatest efficiency thanks to our state-of-the-art production line and the newest techniques. No one knows how to produce beef like us, and therefore every piece of meat from Goedegebuur is a guaranteed quality product.

To measure is to know

Goedegebuur’s unique production lines provide important information during processing. We make continual use of this data stream to work as well and as efficiently as possible. Our streamlined processes allow us to avoid unnecessary waste and serve all our customers on a bespoke basis.


Reception with an eye for detail

We judge and assess the hindquarters we receive on a variety of criteria. During production, we ensure optimal cutting and allocation per quality class per hindquarters so we can supply our customers with the end products they are looking for.

Drawing on individual strengths

Our professional butchers apply their judgment in all aspects of their work. Not only do they decide on the best way to process our meat, but they also assess the individual strengths of our employees. They make use of continually generated data to ensure that every staff member works at what they are best at.

Golden Combination

Our employees, many of whom have worked for Goedegebuur for decades, bring a wealth of experience with them. When coupled with the use of the newest industry techniques, the combination is truly golden.

A quality guarantee makes beef better