The art of selection makes beef better

At Goedegebuur, we offer a wide range of dual-purpose meat with specially selected qualities. We check carefully for consistency, so that you get exactly what you order. Pure quality, no surprises.

Not only do we weigh all our products in every desired weight class, but we also select for marbling and fat cover, and we provide packages of all sorts and sizes. Our range includes:

  • Dual-purpose 
  • Dual-purpose Simmental
  • Dual-purpose Organic
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Topside, cap on
Topside, cap on, trimmed
Topside, cap off
Topside, cap off, trimmed
Topside with baby top
Baby top
Topside, trimmed


Silverside with eyeround
Silverside muscle
Silverside muscle without nerve
Silverside muscle, trimmed
Eyeround, with fat
Eyeround, defatted
Eyeround, trimmed

Thick flank

Thick flank
Thick flank, trimmed


Rump with rump tail and rump cap
Rump, defatted
Rump, (PAD)
Prime rump, (PAD)
Rump cap
Rump cap, (PAD)


Striploin, French quality selection
Striploin, Spanish marbled selection
Striploin, cap pad scan trim
Striploin, scan trim, chain off
Striploin PAD
8-rib centerloin bone-in, cap on
8-rib centerloin, boneless, cap on
Full 8-rib bone-in loin with fillet

5-Bone Rib

Cote de Boeuf
Rib eye


Fillet, chain off


Bavette, with fat
Bavette, trimmed
Flank steak/Flap meat, trimmed


Heel muscle
Shank, bone in
Marrow bone
Marrow bones, sliced

Production meat

Beef trimmings 70/30
Beef trimmings 80/20
Beef trimmings 85/15
Lean mean 90/10
Lean meat 95/5

“Goedegebuur works with love and passion for its product.”

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In large packages or individually portioned, vacuum-packed fresh or frozen with the best techniques, the choice is yours at Goedegebuur. We deliver first-class beef from Rotterdam to the whole world, and we fulfil your order exactly as you want it.

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