Exclusive European sourcing

makes beef better

Partners in quality

At Goedegebuur, we know what meat to choose. We buy our dual-purpose cows from selected slaughterhouses across Europe, where they handle animals safely and with respect.

We visit our suppliers annually. Not only to catch up and strengthen ties but also to see if their production processes still meet our standards. All our suppliers must satisfy stringent national and European regulations. Additionally, we ask them to fulfil our own quality controls. We exceed the legal norms with our IFS and BRC certifications.

Because we source exclusively within Europe, we are able to provide beef with a lower CO2-footprint.

Fewer kilometres, lower impact

In comparison with pure beef cattle, dual-purpose cows have a significantly lower CO2 footprint. Because only after a long life spent providing us with wonderful dairy products do they finally deliver up their quality meat. And by buying our dual-purpose cows from exclusively European sources, and not from other continents, we are able to reduce the food miles of our beef too.

Partners in quality

The Netherlands has some fine cows grazing in its meadows. But to find the dual-purpose cows that meet our high-quality standards, we also look beyond our borders. We have built up a network of suppliers across Europe who can meet our requirements. At Goedegebuur we only look for dual-purpose cows, and exclusively those of a better quality. Together with our European partners, we know where to find them.

Streamlined Processing makes beef better