Strict quality control

Makes beef better


The hindquarters we receive are grouped according to uniform data of origin. Every delivery forms a separate batch, the origins of which are established, down to the farm the dual-purpose cows come from. Each batch is processed separately, so we know the origins of each end product. This means the traceability of our products meets applicable food industry standards.

Reception checks

Each delivery is subject to all the checks required by law. But at Goedegebuur we go a step further and carry out additional checks. Our reception team, made up of a separate team of seven, is charged with this crucial task. The supplier is sent a report for each delivery.

Extra focus on quality

At Goedegebuur we rely on an experienced team of supervisors and line managers on the production floor. Together, they ensure that we meet our high quality standards. Additionally, we have created separate full-time roles for people on the production lines, so that we can monitor the product flow continuously. Furthermore, all our employees are trained in upholding our quality standard. Their first task is to check the work of the person preceding them on the production line, and only then begin their own work. When it comes quality, Goedegebuur leaves nothing to chance.

Excellent food safety

To deliver the best quality and service, we go beyond the industry standard. We are trailblazers in matters of infrastructure and the disciplined monitoring of procedures. We also work in cold temperatures well below the legal minimum, we invest in our employees’ hygiene and at the end of every production day we dedicate dozens of hours to cleaning, which we carry out according to the most advanced techniques. Additionally, at Goedegebuur, we use the industry’s best packaging machines, and we have a unique air treatment system that works with UV light. We are committed to excellent food safety. It’s not for nothing that are our products are known for their above-average shelf-life.


Goedegebuur meets the highest quality and food safety standards. Not only do we have IFS Food and BRCGS certification, but we are also certified by the organic control body, Skal.

IFS Food

Goedegebuur stands for The Better Beef