Years of good care

Makes beef better

Better taste

Goedegebuur only works with meat from European, dual-purpose cows. Unlike cattle kept exclusively for meat, these cows enjoy a longer, better life. They get lots of love and care from their farmers and spend more time in outdoor pastures. And you get to taste this in a much tastier and more characterful piece of meat.

Better for nature

Dual-purpose cows cause much less harm to the environment than cattle raised exclusively for meat. It’s only after a long life spent supplying us with wonderful dairy products that they finally provide us with their succulent, quality meat. Because of this dual use, the CO2 footprint of dual-purpose cows is at least 60% lower.

Get the better beef from Goedegebuur. Highest quality, European meat with a significantly lower CO2 footprint.

Dual-purpose cows are in a class of their own


Better feed

Every day, cows produce the raw material for a wide range of delicious dairy products. They are given the best, most nutritionally rich feed available to enable them to do this.


More care

A healthy cow is a prized possession. This means that the farmer tends to her with care and ensures that she has everything she needs. Happy cow, happy farmer.


More time

Dual-purpose cows enjoy a longer and better life than animals raised for meat alone. Pigs and chicken, for example, live between one and eight months, while beef cattle are rarely kept longer than two years. A dual-purpose cow lives on average six years, during which she’ll spend a lot of time outside. You get to taste that good life in a characterful piece of meat.

Responsible choice

Dual-purpose beef beats meat from cattle raised for their meat alone. If not only for taste and quality, then for the sustainable principles behind it. Our cows are not written off once they stop providing milk but provide the basis for sustainable and high-quality meat products.

Responsible choice
‘The Better Beef’  Didier Reigner SOC.  ETS. REIGNER

‘The Better Beef’

Didier Reigner

“Goedegebuur has been supplying our business with quality meat for decades. We can see from the selection and care of the meat that Goedegebuur works with love and passion for its product. I am proud to able to buy my meat here.”

‘You can taste the quality.’
 José Antonio Goya Owner Goya

‘You can taste the quality.’

José Antonio Goya
Owner Goya

“Let’s GO! It all began with a GO! And since then, we’ve had thirty years of Goedegebuur, GOya and Good collaboration.”

‘Taste with character.’ José María Belando Owner Restaurantes El Patio

‘Taste with character.’

José María Belando
Owner Restaurantes El Patio

“We’ve been working with Goedegebuur for more than twenty years, and every time we receive their products, it’s yet again a guaranteed success.”

Goedegebuur gives you a better choice

Every week we process 20.458 kg of meat from European dual-purpose cows
Dual-purpose cow beef emits 8.458 KG less CO2 per kilo of beef
As a result of this our CO2-emissions are 20.458 KG lower on a weekly basis!

At least 60% lower CO2 emissions is great, but of course, the best environmental choice is to eat less or even no meat at all. This is something we think about at Goedegebuur. Read about our goals here.

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